FitFirst Strong opening Monday 19 February - Same FitFirst concept, just more iron!


FitFirst strives to create a convenient training platform that fits into your busy lifestyle. If your goal is to be stronger and perform better, we want to make sure that you get there. We endeavour to create a training environment that encourages you to enjoy your training so much that your focus shifts from a restrictive goal (losing weight and dieting) to a positive goal (training more and eating better).

"fitting in well
with a person's
needs, activities
and plans"

30 minute sessions from start to finish
Short term membership options
Shower facilities
Unlimited monthly sessions
Free parking

Variety in training to avoid
“training plateaus”
Personal attention from your trainer
Flexibility in booking
and managing your sessions

"successful in
producing a desired
or intended result"

“giving delight
or pleasure”

Not your standard gym
Industrial boutique studio design with a scented studio room
Connect and become part of
our FitFirst community

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