FitFirst members can enjoy three boutique studio rooms with three different daily workouts to choose from. Members can book and manage your training schedule online. All equipment is provided by FitFirst – mats, rebounders, weights - you will need to buy your own rope (as the length is dependent on your height) and a pair of boxing gloves.

FitFirst Original

“Fast. Functional. Awesome.”

Our FF Original workouts focus on functional movements - burpees, push-ups, squats, planks, lunges – and every variety and combination you can think of. We turn up the tempo on the jump ropes and rebounders to put the HEAT back in HIIT and mix things up with our steps sets and medicine ball exercises!

FitFirst Boxing

“There is something so rewarding about hitting something.”

Our FF Boxing sessions are good for the body, and even better for the mind. Our 30-minute Boxing workouts focus on conditioning and toning, working through a variety of boxing drills, jump rope intervals and mat work drills.

FitFirst Strong

“I was sad, but then I drank coffee and lifted weights.”

Heavier weights. Bench-presses. Squat Racks. Barbells. Everything you need for a 45 minute HIIT Resistance Workout. Same FitFirst concept, just more iron!

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